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Artur Slotwinski was born in Warsaw in 1990.

He graduated Frederic Chopin University ofMusic in Composition and Music Theory withProf. Ph. D. Pawel Lukaszewski and Prof. Ph. D.Stanislaw Moryto in 2014.

He also graduated Music High School at Piano (Zenon Brzewski 2nd grade MusicSchool, 2009) with Prof. Ph. D. AnnaJastrzebska-Quinn. During studies at Chopin University he took several masterclasses and regular lessons with Anna Jastrzebska-Quinn,Emilian Madey, Maria Gabrys and Deirdre O’Donohue (2014 Masterclass at ChopinUniversity). In the past he took also masterclasses with Piotr Paleczny (2008), Edward Auer(2007). Between 2001 and 2006 he took regular piano lessons with Ewa Bogucka in Warsaw: at Karol Kurpinski 1st Grade Music School & Emil Mlynarski 1st Grade Music School which he graduated in 2006.

As a pianist he regularly plays concerts at Chopin Point Warsaw Concert Hall and also recitals with music of Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt, Chopin, Rachmaninov and also his own compositions. He is currently empoleed at Frederic Chopin University Of Music as an accompanistat conducting division where he plays choral and orchestral reductions with conductors. He has an excellent well trained ability of a prima vista reading - without preparation he reads piano reductions at his work at FCUM conducting classes (eg. Verdi’s Requiem sight reading dailyduties).

At FCUM concert hall between 2017 and 2019 he presented his own restorations of Piano Concertos by Sowinski, Mirecki and Krogulski (brillant Chopin style) and also gave regularconcerts in Grojec Centre of Culture (each month 1-hour recital) with music of baroque, classical,romantic and contemporary era & also at Centre Culture Promotion in Warsaw.

In 2018 he took part in Piano Compeition „Japan Piano Open“ in Tokyo & also in 2019 heparticipated in Piano Competition MozArte in Aachen. In 2021 he took part also in the PianoCompetition „Wernigerode Neue Sterne” in Germany.

As a composer he is an author of symphonic works, 2 piano concertos, 2 piano sonatas,chamber and film music [more at:]. For his output as a composer he wasgiven numerous prizes (14) and scholarships, eg. in 2020 he was given a scholarship to record pianoworks by W. A. Sowinski, Polish Chopin era composer; other scholarships: Ministry of Culture andNational Heritage, Ministry of Science & Higher Education, Societe Generale Bank (2008, 2010-2012, 2018).

He is an author of restorations of early romantic period Polish piano concertos by W.Sowinski and J. W. Krogulski which he presented at Frederic Chopin University of Music.Concertos were reconstructed based on 1-piano reductions so the accompaniments had to becomposed and orchestrated and piano tuttis also were orchestrated. He also gave world premiere ofAdagio and Allegro by Polish late classical composer F. Mirecki in 2018. All of these works werepresented with orchestra at Frederic Chopin University in Warsaw with Artur Slotwinski as a

soloist; Krogulski’s 2nd Concerto were premiered along with Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra alongwith Slotwinski’s Symphony no. 2 „Angstroms Symphony“ under the baton of J. Praszczalek.

He also wrote film music for films such as: "Warsaw Rising" dir. by T. Dobosz, "In pieces" dir. by S. Gonera & "Rarepublic" by T. Dobosz, etc. Full list at: 

Artur Słotwiński - Filmweb

Artur Slotwinski - IMDb

As an accompanist he collaborated with many professional and amateur choirs in Warsaw:„Animato“, „Chameleon“, „Amo Libertatem“, „Natolin College Of Europe Choir“ and manyothers. He is prinicpal accompanist of the competition for youth choirs called „Singing Poland“.During 2018 Edition he accompanied a choir from whole Masovia consisting of over 1000 chorists;concert took place at W. Lutoslawski Polish Radio Concert Studio in Warsaw, photo:Facebook


Chosen recitals 2015-2022 [with links to events archive]:

Chopin recital at „Świt“ Culture Centre in Warsaw, 2015: plakat.jpg (636×900) (

Bach/Chopin recital at SGGW High School Concert Hall in Warsaw, 2017

Piano Recitals&Lectures at Grójec Culture Centre, 2018/19 (eg. Schubert Sonatas, Chopin recital, Bach,Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Liszt, Khachaturian, own compositions)

Archiwum (

Paderewski Comemoration Concert at Steinway Piano Salon in Warsaw, 2018 (Paderewski Variations and Fugue inA-Minor & excerpts from Slotwinski’s 2nd Sonata)

Bach Recital at Warsaw-Praga Distritct Culture Centre: Toccatas, Partita no. 1, Preludes&Fugues, 2018: CentrumPromocji Kultury - Archiwum (

World Premiere of W. Sowinski, Piano Concerto no. 1 in G-Minor, 2017 FCUM Concert hall PRAWYKONANIEKONCERTU FORTEPIANOWEGO g-moll op. 36 WOJCIECHA SOWIŃSKIEGO « UMFC (

World Premiere of F. Mirecki Adagio&Allegro Concertans, 2018 FCUM Concert hall

27 « Listopad « 2018 « UMFC (

World Premiere of J. W. Krogulski Piano Concerto no. 2 in B-Minor, FCUM Concert Hall, 2019

Koncert symfoniczny - Polska Orkiestra Sinfonia Iuventus

Chopin Recital at Praga-District Public Library, 2020

Piano Recital at Grojec Centre of Culture, 11 XI 2021 (Bach, Chopin, Mozart)

Chopin Recitals at Chopin Point Warsaw: 2021/2022 (regular concerts 3 times a month, 50 minutes each)

Prizes and Awards:

  • Ist prize on The National „Uczniowskie Forum Muzyczne” Composition Competition for „From Chaos into Cosmos” for chamber orchestra (Warsaw, 2008)

  • IInd Prize on The National „Marian Gordiejuk in memoriam” Composition Competition for „Dali's Persistence of Memory” for chamber band (Bydgoszcz, 2008)

  • Ist Prize on the National Composition Competition for the Harpsichord solo piece for „One Step Furhter” (Poznań, 2008; Poznan Academy Of Music Publication)

  • Ist Prize on the 4th National Composition Competition for „The Mircacle of Creation” for orchestra (Stalowa Wola, 2008)

  • IIIrd Prize on the Internarional Garden Music Composition Competition for „Fairy Song” for mezzosoprano and chamber orchestra

(Cracow, 2008), also in 2010 at the next edition of that competition Artur was given an award for „Not Only One Garden's Face” for soprano and chamber orchestra

  • III Prize on The National „Uczniowskie Forum Muzyczne” Composition Competition for „Celingophony” for chamber orchestra (Warsaw, 2009)

  • IIIrd Prize on the National Composition Competition „Witold Szalonek in Memoriam” for „Concors discordia” for strings (Katowice, 2009)

  • II Prize on Grzegorz Fitelberg National Composition Competition for CREDO Symphony part 1 for great symphonic orchestra

  • IIIrd Prize on Zygmunt Mycielski National Composition Competition for „From the deepest deep” for orchestra (the piece was performed during Warsaw Autumn Contemporary Music Festival in 2012)

  • Ist Prize on IXth International Musica Sacra Composers Competition for “Seven Last Words Of Christ” for mixed choir, Częstochowa 2013

  • Ist Prize on Opus966 Composers Competition for Baptismós for mixed choir (Poznań 2014)

  • IInd Prize [Ist not awarded] on IIIrd Krzysztof Penderecki Composition Competition in Sopot for „Urban games” for string orchestra (July 2015)

  • IIIrd Prize on 1st Opus Dissonus Piano Composition Competition in Brazil (Oct 2015)

  • Zygmunt Mycielski Award for Anhedonia for String Quartet during Warsaw Autumn Festival (2016)

  • 1st honorable mention on Don Bosco Composers Competition for piece Sacerdos Semper Vivens for bartione voice and organ (2016)

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