Artur Słotwiński (born 1990) is a Polish composer and pianist, laureate of 14 prizes on composer competitions for his music. He is a member of Polish Composers Union Youth Circle and Polish Authors Society ZAiKS. He graduated his studies in music composition at Frederic Chopin University Of Music in Warsaw with Professor PhD Stanislaw Moryto and Professor PhD Pawel Lukaszewski (2014). Among his most notable works are Angstroms Symphony for orchestra in which he utilizes his own idea: The Unified Coloristic Scales, a symphonic suite States Of The Matter for big orchestra and 2 Piano Concertos.

What’s more his String Quartet „Beyond the consciousness” was issued on Ablaze Records CD and his choral piece Seven Last Words Of Christ was published by Schott Verlag (Ist prize on Musica Sacra Competition in 2013). Lately his Piano Quintet was premiered in Cincinnati during Polish Festival with a tremendous success (13th of September 2016). Furthermore Artur Slotwinski is an author of symphonies - among them: Credo Symphony (Grzegorz Fitelberg Prize in 2011), „Symphony of The Songs Of Love”, „Symphony Of Eternal Yearning” (enthusiastically received during live premiere in Porczynski Gallery Concerthall in Warsaw in 2014), chamber music: eg. Piano Sonata (recorded by Artur Cimirro for future issue by Acte Prealable, 3rd Prize on Opus Dissonus Competition 2015). He created a lot of etudes with his cinematic scores, eg. for German Game Music Award 2014 and Zurich Film Festival Competition for Composers (2012, 2017). He is currently (Summer 2018) involved in 2 short feature films of Polish young directors - Thriller and War Drama. Lately he took part in pitching session for composers in Aubagne France during annual Film Festival of Aubagne.  

His concert compositions were awarded on many occasions, eg. on Opus966 in 2014 (Ist Prize for Baptismos for mixed choir), On Penderecki Sopot Classic Competition (IInd Prize, Ist not awarded for Urban Games). He composed over 50 pieces, among them 70 minute Oratorio „Noachis Terra” (Noah’s Land) for soloists, choir and grand orchestra, waiting for its premiere.

He is multiple scholarship laureate  of Polish authorities: Ministry Of Culture And National Heritage and Ministry Of Science And Higher Education. He consulted his music with prolific and notable composers: Joel Hoffman, Lowell Liebermann, Vladimir Scolnic, Zygmunt Krauze, Edward Sielicki and Sławomir Czarnecki.

He is also a working pianist and conductor. In 2016 he founded his own orchestra called „Warsaw Modern Players” what revealed a great success of bringing to live his work Song of

Bathsheba in live concert and alos studio recording of his Urban Games for CD issue by Ablaze Records in Autumn 2017. Furthermore during past 3 years he was working on restoration and bringing to live a beautiful work by Wojciech Albert Sowinski - his Piano Concerto no. 1 in G-Minor. The performance after over 180 years will take place in Warsaw University Of Music this Autumn on September 24th. The performing material on which he based his restoration was lacking of orchestration (1 piano reduction) and accompaniments during the solo part. He orchestrated tuttis and composed accompaniments in the 1830s manner. He works daily as a pianist with numerous choirs: Natolin College Of Europe Choir, Lutosingers, Mienia River, Animato, Effatha, Choirs Of Lutoslawski School Of Music, Kameleon, Amo La Musica, Amo Libertatem, and many other choirs from Warsaw area which are members of Singing Poland Programe of which Artur is chair musician pianist.

The piano technique was learned by Artur Slotwinski with many mentors, among them: Boris Petrushansky, Irina Rumiantzeva, Piotr Paleczny, Ewa Bogucka, Edward Auer, Szabolcs Esztenyi (one year piano improvisation course at FCUM Warsaw), Emilian Madey, Maria Garbyś. In 2016 he took part in Professor Daniel Carlin’s workshops for composers during FMF Festival in Luslawice and Cracow, and also participated in Hollywood Music Workshop (2016, 2017) in Baden Bei-Wien with Conrad Pope and Nan Schwartz; he studied there techniques of orchestration and arranging and TJ Lindgren (MIDI Mock-ups), Johannes Vogel (Conducting). What’s more during his studies in Warsaw he took one year course of symphonic conducting with prominent polish conductor Monika Wolińska. His works were performed during past years in Warsaw, Sopot, Katowice, Cracow, Lviv, Milna in Croatia and Cincinnati OH. More about Slotwinski you can find on his homepage & also his music is availble on YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud (just type Artur Slotwinski).

Notable and awarded Works:

From Chaos To Cosmos for chamber orchestra (2008) [Ist Prize on UFM Competition 2008] Ceilingophony (2009) for chamber orchestra (2009) [3rd Prize on UFM Competition 2009] Interactions for strings (2009)
Concors discordia for strings (2009) [3rd prize on Witold Szalonek Silesian Tribune of Composers Competition in Katowice 2009] Camaleonte for 2 pianos and 2 percussionists (2009)

La réalité exagéré - song suite for male voice, violin and bass clarinet (2009/2012) Sinfonia Nobila (2009)
Concerto for piano, harp & orchestra (2010) [FCUM archive recording]
Essentials for piano or harpsichord (2010)

Grunwald1410: An Ocean Of Blood for big orchestra (2010/12) Concert Overture for chamber orchestra (2010)
Autumn Episodes for chamber band (2010)
Conan for chamber orchestra (2011)

Piano Concerto no. 1 (2011) [FCUM archive recording]

Katharsis1987 for string quartet and live electronics (2011) Druids answer for horn and strings (2011)
Background Radiation for string quartet (2011/12)
Credo Symphony (2011/12)

Symphony no. 1 „Symphony Of The Songs Of Love” for tenor, choir, orchestra and 3 percussive solos (2012) Etude Masque for piano (2012)
From the deepest deep for chamber orchestra (2012) [Warsaw Autumn Festival chronicle 2012, Zygmunt Mycielski IIIrd Prize] Wrath for jazz quintet (2012) [FCUM archive rec.]

Music for guitar, strings and percussion [Guitar Concerto] (2012)
Lunar surface (in memory of Neil Armstrong) for mixed choir (2012)
Piano Sonata „Clockwork Piano” (2012) [3rd prize on Opus Dissonus Competition in Brazil]
Seven Last Words of Christ (2012/13) [1st Prize on Musica Sacra 2013]; Schott Verlag publication Symphony no. 2 „Sinfonia di Mancanza Eterna” (Symphony Of The Eternal Yearning)
String Quartet „Beyond The Consciousness” (2013) [Ablaze Records CD]
Mass For The Masses (2012/13/15) for solo voices, choir, organ, flute, bassoon, cello and timpani
Sonic Boom! for orchestra (2013)
De Profundis for orchestra (2013)
R.G.B.y. II for viola and live electronics (2013/14) [FCUM arch. rec.]
„Noachis Terra” for solo voices, choir and grand orchestra (2013/14) (70 minute Oratorio)
„Blackbird supersonic” for two multi-percussions (2014)
Magnificat for soprano, choir, three trombones and strings (2014)
Baptismos for mixed choir (2014) [Ist prize on Opus966 Competition] (piece of exactly 966 musical signs) The Urban Games for string orchestra (2014) [2015 Penderecki Prize during Sopot Classic Festival] Angstroms I for orchestra (2014)
Requiem for choir (2015)
Trella - A City Of Madness (2015) [perf. in Warsaw Chamber Operetta „Mim Art” Music Festival] States Of The Matter for grand orchestra (2015)

Sacerdos Semper Vivens for baritone voice and organ (2016) [Ist honorable mention on Don Bosco Composers Competition in Rumia, Poland]
Dreaming Music - A Piano Quintet (2016) [Cincinnati World Premiere by Cafe MoMus & AikKhai Pung] Anhedonia for string quartet (2016) [Warsaw Autumn Festival chronicle 2016, Zygmunt Mycielski Award] Song Of Bathsheba for soprano and strings (2016), Concors discordia II for strings (2017), Lignum Aridum In Eremo for choir (2018), Piano Concerto no. 2 (2016-2018)

Prizes and Awards:

  • Ist prize on The National „Uczniowskie Forum Muzyczne” Composition Competition for „From Chaos into Cosmos” for chamber orchestra (Warsaw, 2008)

  • IInd Prize on The National „Marian Gordiejuk in memoriam” Composition Competition for „Dali's Persistence of Memory” for chamber band (Bydgoszcz, 2008)

  • Ist Prize on the National Composition Competition for the Harpsichord solo piece for „One Step Furhter” (Poznań, 2008; Poznan Academy Of Music Publication)

  • Ist Prize on the 4th National Composition Competition for „The Mircacle of Creation” for orchestra (Stalowa Wola, 2008)

  • IIIrd Prize on the Internarional Garden Music Composition Competition for „Fairy Song” for mezzosoprano and chamber orchestra

(Cracow, 2008), also in 2010 at the next edition of that competition Artur was given an award for „Not Only One Garden's Face” for soprano and chamber orchestra

  • III Prize on The National „Uczniowskie Forum Muzyczne” Composition Competition for „Celingophony” for chamber orchestra (Warsaw, 2009)

  • IIIrd Prize on the National Composition Competition „Witold Szalonek in Memoriam” for „Concors discordia” for strings (Katowice, 2009)

  • II Prize on Grzegorz Fitelberg National Composition Competition for CREDO Symphony part 1 for great symphonic orchestra

  • IIIrd Prize on Zygmunt Mycielski National Composition Competition for „From the deepest deep” for orchestra (the piece was performed during Warsaw Autumn Contemporary Music Festival in 2012)

  • Ist Prize on IXth International Musica Sacra Composers Competition for “Seven Last Words Of Christ” for mixed choir, Częstochowa 2013

  • Ist Prize on Opus966 Composers Competition for Baptismós for mixed choir (Poznań 2014)

  • IInd Prize [Ist not awarded] on IIIrd Krzysztof Penderecki Composition Competition in Sopot for „Urban games” for string orchestra (July 2015)

  • IIIrd Prize on 1st Opus Dissonus Piano Composition Competition in Brazil (Oct 2015)

  • Zygmunt Mycielski Award for Anhedonia for String Quartet during Warsaw Autumn Fertival (2016)

  • 1st honorable mention on Don Bosco Composers Competition for piece Sacerdos Semper Vivens for bartione voice and organ (2016)